İçinden yunuslar, balıklar, kuşlar, balinalar geçen şarkılar

Denizlerden karalara, kulaklarımızdan zihinlerimize karışan müzikler; içinden yunuslar, balıklar, kuşlar, balinalar geçen şarkılar… Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Crosby & Nash, Massive Attack, Louis Armstrong, Pearl Jam ve daha fazlası.

Modest Mouse . King Rat

Andrew Bird featuring Dianogah . “Lull”

Modest Mouse . The Whale Song

Tom Waits . Starving In The Belly of a Whale

Morcheeba . The Sea

Yellow Ostrich . Whale

Tim Buckley . The Dolphins

Ian Brown . Dolphins Were Monkeys (UNKLE remix)

Massive Attack . Home Of The Whale

Pearl Jam . Whale Song

Alice in Chains . Whale and Wasp

The Beatles . I Am The Walrus

Led Zeppelin . Moby Dick

Led Zeppelin . The Ocean

Lou Reed . Last Great American Whale

Louis Armstrong . Jonah and the Whale

Crosby & Nash . To The Last Whale

Harry Nilsson . Think About Your Troubles

Jewel . Sov Gott (Wolf And Dolphin – Swedish Song – “Sleep Well”)

The Byrds . Dolphin’s Smile

Tom Waits . Fish & Bird

Tori Amos . Dolphin Song

U2 . The Ocean

Yes . Don’t Kill The Whale



Hayvan Hakları, Hayvan Medyası

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